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Our Favorite Restaurants in Cap-haïtien

People dining outside Lakay Restaurant, Cap-Haïtien

Photo: Franck Fontain

The best places to eat in Haiti's second city, according to a local

Haitian cuisine is a delicious crossroads with recipes inherited from African ancestors, Native Caribbean Americans, and colonial Europeans. Modern Haiti is divided into ten departments, each with its own capital and its own specialty dish. Grand-Anse is known for its legendary tonmtonm and konparèt, Artibonite for its lalo - every department has its own flavor.


Cap-Haïtien, as the second-biggest city in Haiti and the capital of the North department, is home to a bounty of world-class restaurants and cosy cafés where you can experience local cuisine.


To ease you into that culinary trip, here is a (non-exhaustive) list of restaurants in Cap-Haïtien that will elevate your stay in the city!

Lakay, Cap-Haïtien

Photo: Anton Lau

01. Lakay

The Haitian word lakay means “at home,” and that’s exactly where you will feel in this restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious sugar cane juice. They are the first to have added this exotic specialty to their menu, and now that it's here, it's impossible to leave Cap-Haïtien without tasting it!


We recommend: the stewed conch!

Cap Deli Restaurant, Cap-Haïtien

Photo: Cap Deli

02. Cap Deli

Cap Deli is unbeatable when it comes to Capois cuisine. They are the ideal blend of modern and traditional dining, reinventing fare to please even the pickiest of eaters.


We recommend: the Creole fritay platter!

Boukanye, Cap-Haïtien

Photo: Boukanye

03. Boukanye

Hello Creole cuisine, with plantains, pikliz, and well-seasoned sauces and meats! Would you like to taste a finger-licking good plate of rice? You won’t find it anywhere better than at Boukanye.


We recommend: Pintade Labapen!

View of Cormier Plage, Cap-Haïtien

Photo: Cormier Plage

04. Comier Plage

Good, authentic cooking and a gorgeous, unobstructed view of the turquoise blue water of the sea of Cap-Haïtien — what more could you ask for? Breathe in the fresh sea air over a good breakfast, or enjoy the sound of the waves over a plate of fresh-caught seafood made to Comier Plage's secret recipe.


We recommend: the lobster or the conch!

Kokiyaj restaurant, Cap-Haïtien

Photo: Kokiyaj

05. Kokiyaj

Two words describe the cuisine of Kokiyaj: deliciously excellent. With rave reviews from hungry travellers, this a great place to experience quality Haitian cooking.


We recommend: the conch salad!

Haitian pikliz

Photo: Franck Fontain

06. Hôtel Roi Christophe

The tropical garden and beautiful architecture of Hôtel Roi Christophe is enough to make it worth a visit, but it's not the only reason we recommend dining here. This old colonial residence has lost none of its charm and must be the envy of many a Caribbean city.


We recommend: the daily special (ask your waiter!)

Barik Restaurant, Cap Haïtien

Photo: Mozart Louis

07. Barik

Did you know that goat meat is popular in Haiti? If you would like to experience it, Barik is the place to go! They also serve up delicious, juicy fish -grilled or stewed- like you have never tasted before.


We recommend: anything with goat meat, obviously.

Must-try local speciality

Cap-Haïtien cuisine is particularly well-known for its cashew-based recipes, so be sure to try some local cashew dishes while you're in town! Native to Brazil, cashew trees are now an important crop across the Caribbean, and most of Haiti’s are grown right here in the North Department.

Written by Melissa Beralus and translated by Kelly Paulemon.


Published October 2020

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