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Waterfall in Furcy

Photo: Verdy Verna

Planning your holiday to Haiti? Get inspired with these attractions and adventures worth adding to your itinerary.

Here’s our guide to the animals that call this enchanting island home.
These stately relics are scattered throughout Port-au-Prince, but are concentrated in the neighborhoods of Pacot, Turgeau, Bois Verna, and Bas Peu de Choses.
Way out west, Jérémie boasts a self-possessed rural charm, a sort of independence from the rest of the island, and a kind of defiance in the face of time. In Jérémie, centuries-old traditions are still alive today, side-by-side with the modernity of a 21st century Haiti.

About 40 miles east of the town of Jérémie on Haiti's southern peninsula, Pestel is a small harbour town full of culture, offering cinematic sunrises, sunsets and laidback charm. From its rustic seaside markets to unexpected caves and islands, Pestel is not to be missed if you're touring Haiti's southeast.

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Every year, this one-of-a-kind vodou pilgrimage brings together crowds of the devoted and the curious.