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Nine Lesser-known Beaches to Visit in Haiti

A secluded beach in Haiti

Photo: Ryan Bowen

Uncover Haiti’s almost unknown beaches far away from the overcrowded tourist hotspots. These are the top nine beaches that only the locals know about.

In the heart of the Caribbean, located between Cuba and the Dominican Republic, Haiti is home to some of the region's most beautiful beaches. We've scoured the coastline to find the best hidden pockets of paradise, with fine, warm sands, crystal-clear waters, and shading palm trees. Best of all, these beaches are far away from the overcrowded tourist hotspots.


From the secluded cove of Anse D'azur to the vast sandy stretches at Chouchou Bay, here are the most glorious beaches in Haiti that remain undiscovered by most travelers.

Anse d'Azur beach in Jérémie

Photo: Mikkel Ulriksen

1. Anse d'Azur

Located on Haiti’s southern peninsula in the department of Grand'Anse lies the charming city of Jérémie. Known for its talented poets and local delicacies, such as konparet and tonm tonm, the city is also home to a picturesque beach tucked away from the world, known only to the locals. Anse D'azur offers 80 meters of perfect golden sand protected by the rocky coast in a crescent-shaped bay. Take a dip in the warm waters, and if you’re looking for adventure, snorkel or dive to explore the nearby shipwreck and caves.


Anse D'Azur is a short 15-minute drive from Jérémie's city center. Just follow the coastal road towards the airport, and you’ll find it on the outskirts of the city limits, where the last few houses meet the wild tropical forest.

Anse Baguette beach near Jacmel

Photo: Franck Fontain

2. Anse Baguette

Imagine a beach so secluded that just getting there is an adventure. Welcome to Anse Baguette. Tucked away on a peninsula that juts out to form the Bay of Jacmel, this lesser-known Haitian beach is a perfect retreat for unwinding. If you're in the mood for some exploration, the nearby ruins of the old French Fort Baguette and a hidden waterfall, just an hour's hike away, await your discovery. Keep in mind, the beach’s remote location means bringing your own water and snacks is a must. If lunch plans slip your mind, you might be in luck – local fishermen are often happy to serve up freshly prepared poisson gros sel.


There are no roads leading to this isolated peninsula, so your journey to Anse Baguette will begin with a motorboat ride from the shores of Jacmel. This boat ride, lasting about 30 minutes, offers a chance to enjoy the gorgeous coastline along the way.

Ti Mouillage beach in Cayes-Jacmel

Photo: Franck Fontain

3. Ti Mouillage

This serene and often overlooked beach in Haiti’s South East department is just a 30-minute drive east of Jacmel. On your way there, you might want to make a stop at the popular and always busy Raymond Les Bains beach, a great spot for lunch. But if solitude is what you seek, continue further to Cayes-Jacmel, where Ti Mouillage awaits. This beach is usually quiet, except for the occasional local who’ll offer you coconuts, freshly opened with his machete.


Ti Mouillage isn’t just about relaxation; it’s also a fantastic destination for beginner surfers. With Surf Haiti nearby, you can easily rent boards or take surfing lessons, making it an ideal spot for those looking to ride their first waves.

Travelers relaxing on beach near Cap-Haïtien

Photo: Ryan Bowen

4. Malfini Beach

If you ever find yourself in Cap-Haïtien and craving some quality beach time, Malfini Beach is your go-to destination. This small cove is stunningly beautiful, a perfect escape from the noise of the city. The crystal-clear waters are ideal for snorkeling, offering a glimpse into the coral reefs, or you can simply choose to relax on the sandy shores, shaded by trees. Kayaking enthusiasts will also find Malfini Beach to be an excellent spot for their water adventures.


To get there, prepare for a short 20-minute boat ride from Labadee. It's best to dress in shorts or swimwear, as you'll need to wade through thigh-deep water from the boat to reach this idyllic beach.

Cadras beach near Cap-Haïtien

Photo: Ryan Bowen

5. Cadras

Hidden at the bottom of a deep v-shaped cove, guarded on each side by jungle-covered mountain ridges that seemingly slide into the ocean, Cadras boasts turquoise waters that look straight out of a Hollywood movie. The small beach, only around 40 meters long, is an oasis of tranquility, with few tourists around to disturb the peace.


To reach Cadras from Cap-Haïtien, take a taxi or public transportation like a taptap or moto towards Cormier and continue to the end of the road in Labadee. From there, take one of the small taxi boats waiting in the harbor for a 20-minute ride to Cadras. Remember to negotiate the price with the boat captain before boarding.

Chouchou Bay beach near Port-Margot

Photo: Hervé Sabin

6. Chouchou Bay

Chouchou Bay, situated further down the northern coast from Cap-Haïtien, offers a spectacular stretch of golden, powdery sand that seamlessly blends land, sky, and sea. This expansive beach promises a serene retreat, but reaching it can be somewhat iffy. Expect a full-day trip, with about two hours of travel each way, as the roads leading there are not in the best condition. Located near the city of Port-Margot, Chouchou Bay is not just a beach but a gateway to explore nearby natural wonders.


One such attraction is Bassin Waka, between the Morne Zombi and Morne Bak mountains. Though challenging to access, the journey to this inland lagoon is absolutely worth it. Imagine ending a vigorous hike by plunging into the cool, refreshing waters of Bassin Waka. This spot isn’t just a natural paradise; it holds cultural significance too. Known as a site for vodou ceremonies and pilgrimages, locals believe the waters here have healing properties.

Anse Blanche beach on Petite Cayemite island

Photo: Anton Lau

7. Anse Blanche

Picture yourself on a white-sand beach, surrounded by nothing but nature in its purest form. Anse Blanche, situated on the uninhabited island of Petite Cayemite, offers just that - a pristine cove with only the sound of the ocean waves and birdsong to keep you company.


To get there, you’ll have to take a 15-minute boat ride from the nearby village of Pestel and remember to bring your own supplies. Leave nothing behind but your footprints on the sand.

Kokoye Beach

Photo: Tyler Welsh

8. Kokoye Beach

Accessible only by boat or a challenging 2-3 hour hike, Kokoye is a secluded beach paradise on a remote peninsula south of Petit-Goâve. Surrounded by rocky outcrops and tranquil waters the top drawcards here are paddle boarding, snorkeling, swimming and a unique glamping experience.


With no nearby electricity, the beach transforms into a stargazer's paradise at night. Visitors can enjoy sea-to-table meals, with fresh, locally sourced seafood, and explore nearby attractions like sea caves and historical ruins​

Amani-y Beach in Saint-Marc

Photo: Franck Fontain

9. Amani-y Beach

Among Haiti's lesser-known coastal treasures, Amani-y Beach in Saint-Marc stands out as a peaceful alternative. A short 30 minute drive from the popular Royal Decameron Beach, it's perfect for those who favor quiet shores over crowded spots.


Be prepared for a bit of an adventure getting there, as the final stretch of the road requires a four-wheel drive. It's a bring-your-own-supplies kind of place, so pack plenty of water and whatever else you might need for a day at this almost unknown beach.

Written by Costaguinov Baptiste.


Published November 2023.

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