TRAVEL UPDATE: Visit Haiti from Home

About Us

While the struggles of Haiti are documented broad and wide, that is certainly not the case with its many wonders. Isolated incidents attract most of the attention, but the narrative about Haiti’s many wonders seems to be missing. The story being told out there simply doesn’t match the reality we experience here, and that’s exactly what we are changing.

Two people stand smiling in front of a pink and green painted wooden house in Baradères, Haiti

House in Baradères

Photo: Mikkel Ulriksen

A new story

Visit Haiti is a new platform dedicated to creating a new narrative about Haiti.


A new narrative that tells the stories of the amazingly colourful culture.

A new narrative that tells the stories of the magnificent nature found here.

A new narrative that tells the stories of the ever-fascinating locals of Haiti.

A new narrative that tells the stories that we meet everyday.

Colorful lotto shop on the beach at Cayes Jacmel, Haiti

Lotto shop in Cayes Jacmel

Photo: Franck Fontain

Who we are

We are a local community of writers, photographers, travellers, adventurers and much more with the common denominator of a great love for this place. We develop personal and relevant stories in different formats.


By telling these stories and helping travellers navigate the best of what Haiti has to offer, we hope to inspire the next generation of visitors, and drive positive change for this beautiful country and the inspiring people who live here.

Body paint at Jacmel Carnaval, Haiti

Bodypaint at carnival in Jacmel

Photo: Franck Fontain

What we publish

• Nature and adventure travel inspiration


• Guides to the best beaches, bars, hotels and events


• Insight into Haiti’s incredible art and culture, history and heritage


• Meet the locals: in-depth stories about Haitians doing wonderful things


Haiti up close: practical advice on how to get here, what to bring and what it's really like to travel here