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Citadelle Laferrière in Milot

Photo: Angelo Miramonti

In the heart of the Caribbean, Haiti is home to stunning beaches, mountains, waterfalls, incredible festivals, historic forts and the Caribbean’s premiere art scene.

As Cap-Haïtien's 350th anniversary draws near, take a swooping dive down into the heart of the city, and learn how it earned its well-deserved title as Haiti's second city.
With as few as three rainy days each month, gorgeous weather is almost guaranteed. Haiti's "winter" is the best time for surfing, snorkeling, diving and trekking.
Close to the edge of the Ouest and Artibonite departments, this unhurried town is the hub of the Arcadins Coast, a picturesque stretch of white-sand beaches home to most of Haiti’s resorts.
The ruins of Sans-Souci Palace are a UNESCO World Heritage monument to post-revolutionary opulence.
Citadelle Laferrière is the largest fortress in the Americas.
In the heart of the Caribbean between Jamaica and the Dominican Republic Haiti has over a thousand miles of coastline with dozens of destination-worthy beaches.