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One of the greatest little countries in the Caribbean

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Surprisingly, there’s quite a difference between its two seasons - wet and dry. There are several pros and cons to both, and cost is just the beginning.
Adventure, nature, fast festival rhythms and sandy beaches, plus art and events to bring you closer to the myths and folklore of Haiti.
Haiti is as Instagrammable as it gets, and here are nine Instagram accounts that will make you want to start planning a visit.

Fiercely independent: Haiti has attitude

Passion comes through everything Haitians do. It’s in the young men selling water in the streets. It’s in the late night laughter of people sitting at a bar by the side of the street. It’s in the mornings, noons, and nights of hustlers, of move-makers, of mothers leading households on their own, of families in the provinces, and of spirits young and old.

Madam Felix, Seguin, Haiti

Photo: Bill Hamway

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Adventure awaits

Exploring hidden waterfalls in Jacmel, meandering through the March de Fer in Port-au-Prince and trekking up to the largest fortress in the western hemisphere, La Citadelle La Ferriere, Haiti has so much to offer the more adventurous traveller.

Travellers exploring the Kaskad Pichon waterfalls, Haiti

Photo: Franck Fontain

Summer activities and tips!

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Need the lowdown on airports, flights, when to go and how to find the cheapest deals? From reservation to relaxation, here’s our guide to getting to Haiti.

Aerogare Guy Malary, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Photo: Ricardo Lartigue