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Passerby at Hotel NH Haiti El Rancho

Photo: Alain Lescouflair

As one of the busiest cities and commercial areas of the Ouest department, Pétion-Ville is very well known for its hustle and bustle — and yet still makes room to find peace in its everyday rhythm.

Pétion-Ville benefits from being between the residential area of Pelerin and the larger commercial areas of downtown Port-au-Prince and Delmas. It is a place in between, but with a life of its own.

red vintage car in port-au-prince

Rue Ogé, looking down towards B&B Comfy Inn

Photo: Alain Lescouflair

In the mornings, after rush hour, the area is a delight to observe. Free from the traffic of frantic parents and children trying to get to work and school, Pétion-Ville sheds a layer and public squares like Place Saint-Pierre or Place Boyer come alive.

white church building in petion-ville

Saint-Pierre Church

Photo: Alain Lescouflair

Across the street from the church of the same name, Place Saint-Pierre is where many people sit for lunch, a conversation, or just a leisurely stroll in the late morning and early afternoon.

man sitting next to a parked bmx bike in public square

A bike rider takes a break in the shade at Place Saint-Pierre

Photo: Alain Lescouflair

When school is in session, the students from Lycée Pétion-Ville will sometimes venture outside of the playground and play in the park. Some ride bikes, some play tag, and others enjoy their lunch before they head back to class.

haitian boys in school uniforms on bmx bikes

Students riding bikes at Place Saint-Pierre

Photo: Alain Lescouflair

Pétion-Ville is a city of colors, sometimes peeking from between trees, and some other times in bold display as a background to street vendors of food, electronics, and every day household items.

sandals on display on a tiled wall

Sandals displayed for sale in front of bright mosaics

Photo: Alain Lescouflair

Should you be in the area, you should definitely try some fresko, or shaved ice while you venture through the city. A very affordable treat, it's particularly delicious with roasted peanuts on top!

vendor pouring syrup on shaved ice

A fresko vendor pouring passionfruit syrup on shaved ice

Photo: Alain Lescouflair

When you first go through Pétion-Ville, the idea of it being a peaceful city may seem a bit odd — but once you take your time to experience it, maybe on foot, you start to understand that cities don't just happen to be peaceful, they are made that way.

three haitians sitting on grass lawn talking

A small group sits in the shade to chat at Place Saint-Pierre

Photo: Alain Lescouflair

Pétion-Ville radiates a different energy at night. A favorite food and drink pit-stop for party-goers, both before and after an event, it seems to shed its daytime shine to reveal a soft but lively nighttime glow.

night time traffic by gas station

Bird's eye view from the top of the Royal Oasis Hotel

Photo: Alain Lescouflair

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