Haiti Up Close

How Haitian Are You? Prove Yourself with This Cultural Quiz!

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Photo: Kolektif 2 Dimansyon (K2D)

Whether you were born and live in Haiti, are part of the diaspora, or are not Haitian at all, this quiz is the perfect way to find out just how much you know about Haiti!

Haiti has a lot of history, so much to show and so much to tell. Do you know some not so common Haitian facts or want to prove to your Haitian grandmother that you know some Kreyòl? Maybe you've visited Haiti so many times you feel Haitian in your heart and want to test what you know. That’s why we're here! Take this quiz to find out just how Haitian you are!

Let's test how Haitian you are!

If these questions were a bit  too challenging and you still need to brush up on some more simple facts, stick around and check out our “Test Your knowledge - How many facts about Haiti do you know?” Quiz!  If you want to access your inner Captain Morgan try our “Can You Place 12 Haitian Cities on the Map?” Quiz!

Created by Zachary Warr.


Published April 2021.

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