Haiti Up Close

QUIZ: Can You Place 12 Haitian Cities on the Map?

Street life in Jérémie

Photo: Tyler Welsh

 Are you a new visitor getting ready to explore Port-au-Prince, or an explorer ready for adventure in Dondon? Let's test your knowledge of these 12 Haitian cities.

The cities of Haiti are as diverse as its cuisine. Whether you are only familiar with Port-au-Prince and Jacmel, or you have already made friends in Milot, this quiz is a good exercise to see how well you know the Haitian landscape. Can you tell us where on the map these 12 cities are located?

Start taking the quiz on the map below!

Remember: there are no winners, and no losers — only opportunities to learn more about Haiti and to find new places to explore. Did you recognize any of the cities in the quiz? Which ones were you hearing of for the first time?

Written by Kelly Paulemon.


Published November 2020.

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