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9 Instagram Accounts That'll Make You Want to Visit Haiti

Sunset, Mole-St-Nicolas

Photo: Tyler Welsh

Haiti is as Instagrammable as it gets!

The cities and settlements are painted in primaries and pastels, saturated with tropical sunshine, and surrounded by white sand beaches and the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. Locals are down to earth and deeply attuned to the rhythms of island life.


Haiti is simply astounding, and here are nine Instagram accounts that will make you want to start planning a visit.

1. @takemeth3re

Travel and lifestyle blogger Ann-Sophie Hamilton’s account is a photographic travel guide for Haiti. A travel planner by day, Hamilton’s 3000+ followers get to see her favourite spots around Port-au-Prince and the rest of the island. Hamilton’s photos are less of a scrapbook and more of a window into her life - and a great way to travelling vicariously! If you’re looking for the first things to do once you land in Haiti, this is a great place to start!

2. Ayiti Twopikal

After just a short while in Haiti, it’s not uncommon to want to pitch in and participate, but it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed. If you want to try, support or just take a look at sustainable, small-scale gardening in Haiti, Ayiti Twopikal, run by Ida, is a great place to start. Ida shares information about which common produce is easiest to grow at home, and how you can start nurturing your green thumb, however little it may be!



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Et opslag delt af Ayiti Twopikal (@ayititwopikal)

3. @rivanyri

Want to get acquainted with Haitian culture before setting foot on the island? Riva Nyri Précil is a self-styled “ambassadress” of Haitian folklore, alternative culture and Vodou. Follow Riva for an up-close glimpse of rituals, festivals, folklore, humour and more than a touch of counter-cultural glamour.


4. @tchakayiti

An amazing account where you can learn more about Haitian cuisine and eat with your eyes is Annick Mégie’s page, Tchakayiti! Stunning Haitian food photography is accompanied by insightful captions, where there is almost always something to learn about the dishes featured. Annick delves into different preparations of the same ingredient, cracking open the beautiful world of Haitian cooking.


5. @theislandlife

Photographer Christina S keeps her camera by her side, and serves up her best snaps on her Instagram. What we get is a kaleidoscope of colorful beach and jungle scenes, detailed portraits of tropical birds, urban art, and the odd restaurant recommendation. Her skills are second to none but her perspective is refreshingly real, candidly capturing Haitian life at its most authentic.



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Et opslag delt af Christina S (@theislandlife)

6. @theexplorerjourney

Photographer Alain D. Lescouflair is one of Haiti’s undiscovered wonders. His understated - and underrated - feed is full of moody, sparse glimpses of life in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. Lescouflair employs dramatic colour and composition choices to share fleeting moments and microcosms of Haitian culture - yellow autumn leaves in a bright blue gutter, bizarre street art, rustic old doors, people waiting for the bus. Don’t miss this one.


And check out Alain's stunning photo journal from the streets of Pétion-Ville.


7. @tazspady

An illustrator based in Port-au-Prince, Taz is best known for his art that blurs the lines between different mediums. Over photographs of popular places in Haiti, from the picturesque scenes of Cap-Haïtien to the incomparable waters of the Haitian coasts, he draws his own larger-than-life characters, breathing a new, quirky, fresh life into them.

8. @sospwablan

Haiti is known for its bright creole culture, and this is especially evident in its cuisine. Ramsay’s account is dedicated to Haitian food, from breakfast plates to delicious dinners and decadent desserts. Her photos and accompanying descriptions of home-cooked meals are a great place to find inspiration for flavors you want to try once you get to the island!


9. @growninhaiti

Grown in Haiti is as down-to-earth as it gets, literally. With a feed full of heirloom seedlings, fruit picked fresh off the tree, and happy people having wholesome fun in a permaculture garden, Grown in Haiti is a labour of love and a delight to scroll through.


The organisation, in the mountains of Jacmel, promotes reforestation and nature preservation. Curated by Sydney Etienne, the account is a refreshing take on grassroots agriculture in Haiti, and a great example of how working in and with communities can improve the lives of everyone around.



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Written by Kelly Paulemon.


Published January 2019.

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